Quarter Round Moldings

PERGO Simple Solutions quarter round is a decorative molding that provides a beautiful look to a finished floor and conceals 3/8 in. expansion space required between Pergo flooring and existing vertical surfaces. Quarterround can be used alone or in conjunction with Simple Solutions wall base or existing wall base. Quarter round is secured in place with finishing nails to the existing wall or wall base without interfering with floor expansion space. Use finishing putty to conceal nail holes. Measures 94-1/2 in.

How to find moldings for your flooring color: using the "search" feature at the top of this webpage, simply enter your color name or a portion of it (ex: "whitewashed pine" or just "pine"). Each molding has the corresponding colors in the description and the search will find them if they are available.

*Due to breakage of single sticks in shipping, a minimum purchase quantity of 3 is required for these to survive UPS handling.*

**The packaging brand your receive may vary, it is all made by us but due to branding changes over the years you may receive Simple Solutions, Pergo, Mohawk, or the new Performance Accessories brand packaging.**