Floor Accessories

Why choose PERGO, Simple Solutions, Mohawk or Performance Accessories brand Moldings and Accessories? 

DURABILITY -  Our laminate moldings are constructed with the same durable laminate as our flooring.

EASE OF INSTALLATION - A saw, drill and hammer is all that is needed to properly install our moldings.

BEAUTY FOR LESS - Our molding options compliment our flooring selections and also at an affordable price.

How to find moldings for your flooring color: using the "search" feature at the top of this webpage, simply enter your color name or a portion of it (ex: whitewashed pine or just pine). Each molding has the corresponding colors in the description and the search will find them if they are available. 

**The packaging brand your receive may vary, it is all made by us but due to branding changes over the years you may receive Simple Solutions, Pergo, Mohawk, or the new Performance Accessories brand packaging.**