ActiveSound Accoustical Underlayment for floating Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) 100 Sq Ft

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ActiveSound underlayment improves tenant comfort by offering excellent acoustics and subflooring correcting properties for fast-track installations. The foam construction absorbs ambient noise and sound transmission between floors, while the patented GripTec® design prevents seam separation under heavy commercial traffic. The cushion offers some subfloor correction and reduces footfall impact for added comfort. ActiveSound is a simple, costeffective solution for floating commercial LVT applications.

Protects the Floor:

  • Virtually eliminates damaged cause by uneven substrates
  • Reduces telegraphing of substrate imperfections
  • Prevents gapping through GripTec technology

Improved Comfort:

  • Reduces ambient noise in room
  • Reduces sound transfer in room below
  • Shock-absorbing flooring structure

Material Thickness 1.5 mm

Dimensions 3.85 ft.W x 26 ft. L

Packaging 100 sf/ctn

Acoustic Testing

72 LLC or 66 STC (when installed with 20 mil Clic Step LVT over 6 in. concrete and drop ceiling)

54 LLC or 50 STC (when installed with 20 mil Clic Step LVT over 6 in. concrete only)

Punctual Conformability PC CEN/TS 16354 approx. 1 mm=0.04 in.

Compression Strength > 300 kPA/> 45psi

Dynamic Load CENT/TS 16354 > 200,000 cycles

Suitable for Castor Chairs DIN EN 425 Type W

Coefficient of Friction >0.8

Reflected Walking Sound Reduction ISO 10140 3 dB (A)

Water Absorption EN 12087 <1%

Thermal Resistance DIN 4108 R Value 6.6 per in.

Heat Resistance <150ºF

Fire Classification EN 14501-1 E