Pergo Factory Outlet has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you with understanding the order process and what to expect when you place your order.


How can I find matching trim/accessories for recently purchased flooring from Home Depot, Lowes, or another retailer?

Outlet staff are unable to assist with matching trim & accessories for currently marketed flooring purchased at Lowes, Home Depot, or other retailers. In this case please consult your retailer's product page for recommended items (usually down the page under "Complete Your Flooring Project", "Coordinating Items", etc.).


How long will it take to get my order?

We ask that you allow 7-15 business days for your order to arrive to you. 

Please allow 3-7 business days (three for accessories, seven for flooring) to process your order before you email/call. PergoOnline.com is only a small part of what our hard working warehouse staff do. Keep in mind that until we have confirmed tracking on your order, the status will remain in an "Awaiting Shipment." 

Once it has tracking information, your status will change to "Shipped." Once it leaves our warehouse and is passed on to the carrier (further outlined below), the timing shifts to them.



I purchased _________ X years ago and cannot find it at my local home improvement store, do you have any in stock?


If you have already searched our site for the product you are seeking and were unable to find it, then it has been discontinued and the inventory has been depleted. Our best suggestion is to take a swatch of your flooring to your local home improvement store and try to find a match there.


Can you match my current flooring with your inventory or something close if I send pictures? 

Pergo Factory Outlet does not have a physical presence and exists 100% online only. There are not any product physically available to compare styles. 


Why am I being charged sales tax?

All sales tax is charged based on the tax of the state the flooring is shipped to. There are no exceptions to this.


I live in Canada/Hawaii/Alaska. Can you ship to me?

No, Pergo Factory Outlet only ships to the continental US.


How can I figure out the amount of flooring cartons I need for my project?

The number of cartons you need is based on the total square footage of the room(s) you are planning to redo.

To figure out square footage

1) Measure each room. (e.g. 10’x10’)

2) Multiply the length of each room (in feet) times the width of each room. This gives you the square footage of that room. (e.g. 10x10=100) Repeat for additional rooms. For complex rooms define it in rectangles for measurement and add together as if they were individual rooms.

3) Add all of the rooms together.

4) Under each flooring décor on our website, there is a bullet for the total square footage per carton (this can vary from item to item). (ranging from 12 to 26 sf)

5) Divide your total square footage into the sq. ft. per carton value. (e.g. 100/17.64=5.668)

6) To calculate the number of cartons and account for cuts waste multiply by 1.1 or 110% (e.g. 5.668*1.1=6.234)

7) Round that up to the next whole number for the # of cartons needed to purchase. (e.g. 6.234=7)

8) You are purchasing discontinued flooring so insure yourself some residual attic stock adding an additional carton for a possible future repair!


What is a transition molding and where would I need it?

Transitions connect two types of flooring (e.g. carpet/laminate) or bridge the same floor on either side of a doorway. Our transitions are approximately 78 3/4" in length enough for 2, 36" doorways. Our 4 n 1 transitions can be used as:

1) A t-molding between two raised surfaces of near identical height 

2) A laminate to carpet transition

3) A laminate to solid surface transition 

4) An end molding at a fireplace hearth or sliding door.


What happens when I place my order?

The Pergo Factory Outlet warehouse is located in Garner NC near our production facilities. Once placed your order is processed, picked and packed and shipped by the carrier for your orders size and location. 

If shipping more than 5 cartons of floor we use an common carrier (LTL), you should receive a call from the carrier when your order is in your area. They will coordinate a time for you to be available at home to receive the order. All residential deliveries are set up for lift-gate services to your curb.  WE DO NOT PROVIDE inside delivery or any other special services. These services can be coordinated by yourself prior to delivery and any fees paid directly to the carrier.

UPS small parcel deliveries do not require signature and will be left at your doorstep. 

We are sorry but we cannot accommodate overnight shipping requests.


What happens if my order is damaged?

Pergo Factory Outlet relies on third party logistics providers to ship your order to you. Cartons can get damaged in transit though precautions are taken to minimize that occurrence. We request you be present to receive your order. Do not sign anything until you have thoroughly checked your shipment. If any of the cartons are damaged you may do one of the following:

1) Contact the Pergo Factory Outlet to describe the issue.

2) If more is available we will ask you keep the delivery and replacement can be shipped at our cost.

3) Refuse the entire order and contact us for your credit request. This allows us to coordinate with the carrier and we can correct and redirect or return without your involvement other than receiving proper credit promptly.

It is your responsibility to contact us and we will provide you with your options.  If no replacements are available, you will be able to decide if you want to reject the entire order or take partial delivery and a return credit for the damaged cartons.


What does my order status mean?

Awaiting Fulfillment – Your order is waiting to be entered into our order system.

Awaiting Shipment – Your order is currently being fulfilled at our distribution center and will be put on a truck to be delivered to your home.

Shipped – Your order has left our distribution center and is on its way to your home.


How do I track my shipment?

When your order ships you will receive an email with the shipping information. Your order will ship through one of three shipping companies. Use the links below to track your order.

Southeastern Freight